10 Ways to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy

When it comes to finding the time for work, family and everything else, sometimes there don’t seem to be enough hours in our day. This becomes more difficult when you find yourself lacking the energy you need to get through each day.

Coffee is a cheap fix that many of us use to get up and going, but there are additional steps we can take to have the physical and mental energy needed to ensure we don’t neglect any important aspect of our lives.

Get Enough SleepIf you find yourself not able to get everything done in your day and still have enough time for sufficient sleep, then you may need to cut back on your daily routine. Sleep is the single most fundamental requirement for having the energy we need.

A higher risk of health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke are just a few of the long-term problems associated with chronically insufficient sleep. Habits to ensure you get enough sleep include having a regular bedtime that you stick to and being sure to turn off all those smartphones, tablets and laptops a couple hours before going to bed.

The blue light they emanate has been shown to interfere with sleep patterns.

Stay Hydrated

Things like getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated may sound basic, but it’s incredible how forgetful we can be about them. We are never more dehydrated than when we wake up in the morning, so a big glass of water or a healthy juice can be a good boost to our day.

Remember that we are mostly water, and this includes our brains as well, so it can really give a boost to our mental energy. All fluids are not equal when it comes to staying hydrated. Water and healthy juices are best. While coffee and sodas have plenty of fluid in them, they also have caffeine, which increases urinary output thus increasing the need to replace the lost water.

Get Regular Exercise

This is another basic and yet extremely important step for having physical and mental energy throughout the day. The recent popularity of something known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is great for those who say they don’t have the time to exercise.

It reduces an hour of regular exercise down to a few minutes of intense exercise in each session. Even those of us who are older or may not be in good enough shape due to health issues for intensive workouts can benefit from something as simple as a walk around the block.

A regular routine to get up and moving that fits in with your lifestyle is both energizing in the short run and promotes long-term health.

Learn to Manage Strong Emotions

Strong, negative emotions can be a huge energy drain. In addition, when you are really mad at someone or angry at a situation, you are completely distracted from what you should be doing.

One way to reduce such occurrences is to stay away from negative people that we tend to get in fights or arguments with. However, as we all know, we will occasionally get into arguments with loved ones. Emotions are a part of life, so the best recommendation here is to simply be mindful of what we are feeling and how it can negatively affect our energy level.

It’s a good idea to have something ready that you know boosts you back up into a positive place again whether it be an uplifting song, favorite snack or something similar.

Learn to Cope With Stress

If you plan to get just about anything done in your day, stress can be an unavoidable part of it. Whether it’s getting cut off by that idiot ahead of you in traffic or running behind and being late doing those errands, plans for our day rarely work out flawlessly.

The handling for this is similar to what is suggested for managing strong emotions. The only difference may be that a general increase in stress, not being as noticeable as a truly strong emotion coming over us, may fall under our radar, and we may fail to recognize and, therefore, handle it.

Here is a great video on becoming mentally strong and coping with your emotions.

Plan Your Day Ahead

One way to reduce the amount of stress we encounter on a daily basis is to set up realistic plans for what we’ll get done tomorrow. Most of us have fairly regular chores or a job or other duties that we know we need to do, and we know how much time they generally take for us to accomplish.

One major way to avoid negative influences on our energy level from negative emotions or stress is to make sure we have planned out our day in a way that does not exceed the limits of what we are likely to get done in a day.

Make Sure to Eat a Healthy Diet

Ensuring that we eat right should be included in any top three list along with getting sufficient sleep and staying hydrated for ensuring we are both mentally and physically energized to face our day.

You are what you eat is more than just a cute saying, and the power of what we put in our mouths to affect our energy levels is very real.

Having Relationships With Positive, Uplifting People

It’s hard to underestimate how much better having good people in our lives can make us feel. This, of course, includes how energized we feel.

Just think about how you feel after an encounter with someone from work or school who is a real downer versus how you feel after spending time with a good, uplifting friend. Having many positive relationships has also been found to be a key factor in longevity.

Get Out of Your Rut or Get a Change of Scenery

This one can be as simple as getting up from your chair and going outside when you’re feeling closed in and surrounded by the same four walls for hours at work.

If you find yourself tired, it may also be because you are working on the same monotonous work you’ve been doing. If there is another task you also need to get done, try switching over to that for a while. Boredom and monotony can be a huge energy drain.

Finally, Get Regular Medical Checkups

If you find yourself lacking energy and nothing you try seems to be helping, you might want to plan a trip to the doctor to find out if there’s anything wrong with you. Numerous illnesses include lack of energy as a symptom because your body is using much of that energy to fight the illness.

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